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There is no single coaching or mentoring “model” applied – this would restrict the potential benefits to be gained.  Together we agree your objectives and your preferred way of working.  You shape the actions and plans in a way that gives you the confidence to achieve your objectives.  This can be one-to-one, or working with a team.

Support is provided through:


Personal coaching or mentoring conversations in person, over the phone or by video.  They can focus on a specific issue or involve a series of discussions over a period of weeks or months, to suit the needs and pace of the client or client’s organisation.


Team-based coaching working with the team leader and the team to support them in the development and execution of their goals.  Whether within an entrepreneurial start-up, a company scaling for growth, or an established multinational, this could be about team formation and dynamics, or the implementation of a specific project or new system of working.

Governance review - assessing an organisation's processes to meet regulatory and governance expectations.  This takes into account current and future needs of the business in the context of its plans for market growth.


Board, team or project review  -understanding the current structure and decision-making processes and working with leaders to optimise current and future performance.

Advisory support  – when supporting a client, sometimes a specific situation can require more direct intervention – specific input on a particular challenge.  I am very willing to be flexible in providing the support you or your organisation need.

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